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Start-up called the 'Uber for flowers'

"The flower industry has been in need of a revolution. I remember sending my mom flowers when I was 10 years old," says Matthew Schwab, co-founder of BloomThat. "And the customer service and experience hasn't changed since then."
SF Chronicle

BloomThat grows roots in San Francisco’s Dogpatch

A few weeks ago, the company prepared to deliver thousands of Valentine's Day bouquets called the Huntley throughout the Bay Area and Los Angeles. In addition to regular deliveries, BloomThat rented a San Francisco trolley, dubbed it the “Bloom Train,” and gave away flowers throughout the city on Valentine’s Day.

BloomThat App Delivers Flowers Almost Instantly

BloomThat is a unique flower delivery service that harnesses the power of the bicycle to deliver a bouquet of flowers “in under 90 minutes” — pretty fast.

Why Did Joe Montana & Ashton Kutcher Invest In A Flower Company?

If a popular coffee chain can raise over $40 million from the San Francisco tech community, maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that a flower company can count Ashton Kutcher and Joe Montana as investors. And as techies seek out non-technical problems to solve and non-techies become angel investors, that’s what BloomThat has done.
Tech Crunch

BloomThat, the "Uber-For-Flowers," Pulls In $2M

Bloomthat, the Y Combinator-backed startup that delivers flowers in San Francisco Bay Area in less than 90 minutes, just picked up $2 million in seed funding. Their new backers include SV Angel, Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary’s A-Grade Investments, Joe Montana, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian...
Wall Street Journal

BloomThat is Latest Startup to Stop and Sell the Roses

Venture capitalists are letting a thousand flower sellers bloom. The latest to raise funding, BloomThat, offers Web and mobile apps that let users select, pay for and have flowers or live plants delivered by courier within 90 minutes to a recipient in their address book.
Venture Beat

Y Combinator’s BloomThat takes a tech-savvy approach to flowers

Flowers aren’t just about looking pretty. Americans spend $27.8 billion a year buying flowers, and BloomThat is trying to change the way they do it. This Y Combinator-backed startup has raised a $2 million seed round from a bouquet of well-known angel investors and launched a free mobile app.
Tech Crunch

Magic Does Exist With YC's "Uber-For-Flowers" Startup BloomThat

OK, so there are now Ubers-for laundry, house cleaning, dog walking, and I’ve heard rumors of an Uber-for-pedicures, although I cannot confirm at this time that such a thing exists. But, in another spin on the growing number of startups that build services on-demand, YC is graduating an Uber-for-flowers startup this summer called Bloomthat.
Pure Wow

Petals on Pedals

It's 3 p.m. and you just remembered that it's your mother-in-law/boss/best friend's birthday (palm of hand slaps top of head). Technology to the rescue! Bloom That is a new site that delivers gorgeous fresh bouquets by bike messenger within 90 minutes.
Urban Daddy

Bloom Bloom Room

Hey, you bought your mom flowers on Sunday. Great call. She deserved those. She raised you and made you grilled cheeses and... anyway, today is a new day. And there are other people in your life who also deserve flowers.
Daily Candy

BloomThat Delivers Flowers by the Hour

Arrangement overload can nip a sweet gesture in the bud. Keep it simple with BloomThat, a new service that delivers fresh blooms citywide in 90 minutes or less. After failing to find pretty flowers in a pinch, entrepreneur David Bladow rounded up a few pals to remedy the system.
BloomThat Flower Delivery

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