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What happens to my personal information during the pause of service? (i.e. name, credit card info, addresses, etc).

All information associated with your account will remain private and non-transferable.

What happens to my BloomThat account credits?

We’ll be honoring BloomThat credits through the end of September so send to yourself or make someone’s day by using credits before 9/28/2018. After this date, all credits will expire.

I want to send a BloomThat same-day but I don’t see any availability… whats up?

We’re going next day only! As part of our move, we will no longer be offering same day service in SF, LA, and NYC. The good news is – blooms are still just a click away and available next day nationwide.

Where can I buy flowers after September 28?

We’re working with the teams over at FTD to get you great products so head over to or

Will I need to create a new account on FTD if I’m a BloomThat user?

Yup! Your personal BloomThat profile information stays private, which means you’ll need to set up a new account.

When will BloomThat come back up-and-running?

We’ll let you know as soon as we know! For now, head over to or for all your needs.

I have a question that you didn’t answer here!

If you have additional questions prior to 9/28, shoot us an email at for a super fast reply during business hours (9am - 6pm PT). Prefer to do this over the phone? Call us at 877-777-5411 or text us: 415-528-5222. After 9/28, we can be reached at

How does BloomThat work?

  1. Tell us where to send blooms here.
  2. Select the blooms you want to send.
  3. Select a delivery date & awesome blooms are on their way. Couldn't be easier.

Is BloomThat available in my city?

We’re now blooming the USA from coast to coast!

Tell us where to send blooms here and we'll take it from there!

How fast can my blooms get there?

Faster than you can say BloomThat (if you say it in slo-mo…). We offer same-day and next-day delivery, so check out the map to find out how quickly we can send blooms in your area.

How do I contact someone at BloomThat?

Shoot us an email for a super fast reply during business hours (9am-6pm PDT). Prefer to do this over the phone? You can call 877-777-5411 or text 415-528-5222.

Looking to speak about a potential partnership? Email our team at

I saw a product available yesterday but now it's gone. What's up with that?

Sometimes we have a limited supply of blooms. We do our best to have enough in stock, but if we run out of something you really gotta have, let us know.

Is there a discount for first time users?

Heck yes! We love all Bloomers equally, but new Bloomers are kinda awesome. Use code IMNEWANDAWESOME at checkout to top off your account. Welcome to the BloomCrew!

How can I keep the flowers fresh and looking happy for longer?

  1. Fill your vase with cool water – make sure those stems are far enough in to get their feet wet.
  2. Change that water frequently.
  3. Keep them out of direct heat – fresh cut flowers like it nice and cool.
  4. Trim up the base of your stems every day or two.
  5. ** BONUS POINTS – Sing to them. Flowers love to be sung to.

So are my flowers fresh?

SO Fresh! Sourced as locally as possible, stored at the perfect temperature, wrapped in a special hydration pack and delivered straight away.

How do I take care of flowers in vases?

Your flowers arrive in a hydration pack to keep them well nourished during transit. We aim to put enough water to keep your Blooms healthy for their trip to you, but it's best to get those stems trimmed and dunked in fresh water and food as soon as possible.

I'm unsure of the quality of my blooms. Can someone help?

We aim to make every BloomThat send perfect, but flowers are an organic product and sometimes need a little TLC.

If you think your bouquet needs a bit more than a little TLC, please contact our Happiness Team and we’ll take care of you right away!

How are my flowers delivered?

We use custom packaging to ensure our blooms arrive safely no matter where they're headed! Large arrangements and any blooms making longer trips are sent in special boxes to provide extra protection while making their way from our farms to your recipient.

Vases are shipped without water to avoid messy situations during transit, but those blooms have plenty to drink in their special hydration pack.

So, you guys are shipping my flowers?

Our blooms come fresh from the farms in special hydration packs to keep them well-watered for the journey. We haven't perfected teleportation (yet!) so we use different delivery partners to get those blooms to lucky recipients as quickly as possible!

Who is delivering my blooms?

Our national delivery partner is FedEx, with over 600 aircrafts and nearly 50,000 vehicles to help get our blooms everywhere and (almost) anywhere. In same-day markets we partner with the coolest delivery companies on wheels to get those blooms all over SF, NYC, and LA.

Why are you charging me for shipping?

We covered the cost of delivery for as long as we could, but in order to keep providing the awesome experience you've come to expect, we've added the cost of delivery at checkout. This way, we're able to continue upholding our promise to make you look your best every time you send.

Shipping costs may vary based on delivery partner availability, but we are always committed to keeping this cost as low as possible

What’s the difference between same and next-day?

Same-Day (seym dā / adj.): BloomThat stomping grounds i.e. where we're based. Currently comprised of the Bay Area + LA + NYC & Brooklyn. Order blooms and get 'em as early as the same day. Hence the name. Check out same day cities here.

"Ordered same-day blooms on my way home to SF… they made it, but I'm still on the 101."

Next-Day (nekst dā / adj.): The rest of the USA. Order blooms before 2 pm and get 'em as early as the next day. Did you catch that from the name? We knew we liked you. Check out next-day cities here.

I got engaged and sent next-day blooms to my maid of honor in Mississippi to share the news! #winning

How much does shipping cost?

The cost of delivery depends on where you're blooming.
In our same-day cities, delivery costs $9.99. In our next-day cities (see here for a map), delivery costs anywhere from $9.99 - $29.99.

Wherever the destination, we always package your blooms right before sending them to ensure freshness… and we'll always give you the least expensive shipping option available.

Since it all depends on where you're blooming the best way to know the total is to enter the delivery address at checkout — we'll then be able to tell ya how much it costs.

How are deliveries to commercial addresses handled?

Deliveries to commercial addresses are usually delivered to the mailroom or leasing office of the building! Deliveries to hospital may be a little bit tricky. Most areas such as the Intensive Care Unit do not accept floral deliveries due to possible plant or pollen allergies. Packages to the hospital are usually redirected to the mailroom who will later distribute the blooms to the recipient.

Is delivery available every day of the week?

We deliver every day of the week in San Francisco, Tuesday-Saturday in next day zones. Click here to see what area your delivery zone is in. US Customs is closed on Sundays so we're unable to deliver outside of San Francisco on Sundays and Mondays.

Why are delivery fees different for every area?

The delivery fee is dependent on where the blooms are being sent. The delivery fee can range anywhere from $9.99 to $29.99 as the blooms are being shipped further and further away from our farms.

It looks like my delivery might be delayed, help!

We work hard to ensure your blooms are delivered on time, every time. Occasionally, weather and other unforeseen issues cause delays we weren’t expecting either! If it looks like your blooms will be extremely delayed, reach out to our Happiness Team and we’ll make sure to take care of you right away.

Does someone need to be home to sign for the Blooms?

If your recipient isn't home at the time of the delivery, we can leave it on their front doorstep only if you and our courier feels it's a safe place to do. If not, we will reach out to you so you can determine a better time to deliver.

Blooms arrive in a hydration pack to keep them well nourished during transit. We aim to put enough water to keep the bouquet healthy for their trip to your recipient, but it's best to get those stems trimmed and dunked in fresh water and food as soon as possible.

How do I find out the status of my order?

You can learn more about the status of your order by checking out your BloomThat account.

Where can I find previous orders?

Check out your previous orders and make live updates to orders in progress in your order history.

How do I get a copy of my receipt?

Flower Bot sends order processing and delivery emails for every bloom sent. Sometimes emails from find their way to junk folders.

We're happy to send you another receipt. Just shoot us a quick support ticket and we'll reply in no time. If your accounting department is as cool as ours, you can take a screenshot of your order receipt by going to account settings.

Can I make changes to my note?

Yep! You can make changes to your note up to 24 hours before your delivery is scheduled to arrive. For Valentine’s day and Mother’s day, you can make changes up to 72 hours before. Just head to your order history and select the order you want to switch up or create a support ticket here.

Can I change my delivery time?

Yep! You can change your delivery time up to 24 hours before your delivery is scheduled to arrive. For Valentine’s day and Mother’s day, you can make changes up to 72 hours before. Just head to your order history and select the order you want to switch up or create a support ticket here.

Can I change the blooms I ordered?

Yes! Create a support ticket and we'll help you out. For Valentine’s day and Mother’s day, you can make changes up to 72 hours before.

Can I add more stuff to my delivery?

Yep - no problem! Create a support ticket and we'll get right back to you. For Valentine’s day and Mother’s day, you can make changes up to 72 hours before.

Can I cancel my order?

Plans changed? We get it! We'll do everything we can to help you out if you need to cancel (just shoot us a note here). Heads-up: In most delivery areas, we can stop the order before the blooms are on their way, but be sure to let us know ASAP as some of our delivery partners require cancellation 24 hours before delivery. For Valentine’s day and Mother’s day, you can cancel up to 24 hours before.

What types of payment can I use?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

You can add, update or remove cards in your payment settings.

How do I redeem credit?

Credit is auto-magically applied to your account. You can check your credit balance in account settings.

How do I add a promo or discount code?

You can apply promo and discount codes at checkout in the note and payment sections.

How long do refunds take?

Refunds take approximately 5-10 business days after the refund has been initiated.

How do I delete a credit card?

If you don't want us to store your credit card info you can delete it at any time from your account page. Just click on the card you wish to remove and then click delete. Almost as easy as eating cookies in bed… almost.

I accidentally used the wrong credit card to place the order!

No worries! Give our Happiness Team a shout (via email, phone, or text) and we'll get things sorted out!

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password here. Flower Bot will email you a secure link.

How do I check my credit balance?

You can see your current credit balance, order history and blooms sent in your account.

How do I remove previous recipients from my address book?

Head on over to your address book. You can select recipient names to update and delete their information.

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