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BloomThat The Stella
BloomThat The Coco
BloomThat The Coco
The Winston
The Winston · $30
Available Tomorrow, 9AM-10AM
The Lenny
The Lenny · $48
Available Tomorrow, 9AM-10AM
The Hudson
The Hudson · $45
Available Tomorrow, 9AM-10AM
BloomThat The Hayden
BloomThat The Ava
BloomThat The Ava
BloomThat San Francisco, CA
BloomThat San Francisco, CA
The Winston Say "happy to have you on the team", "happy housewarming", or just "you make me happy" with this perfectly sized cup… that doesn't succ.
$30.00 In Stock
BloomThat San Francisco, CA
The Hudson Blind mice. Amigos. Musketeers. Now, add The Hudson to the list of awesome things that are a collection of three. With a trio of perfectly placed succulents, The Hudson is the ultimate triple threat. Includes three 2" succulents in a reclaimed wood box measuring 12"W x 4"D x 3"H. Handmade in Aptos, California. Color/finish of box will vary.
$45.00 In Stock