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BloomThat San Francisco, CA


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Mixed, matched and ready to send.
Perfect for thoughtful presents in a pinch.

BloomThat The Bright Bundle
The Bright Bundle Sun, sun, sun, keep it coming! And these sunny stems really bring the heat with a sweet fig candle from Brooklyn Candle Studio. Send now and spark some excitement! Too hot to handle? Not to worry, get just the blooms here! Includes (1) Bailee bouquet and (1) candle. Blooms will arrive wrapped in burlap as pictured.
74.00 USD In Stock

Handcrafted, curated and designed for any occasion. Perfect for birthdays, rough days and summer days.

BloomThat The Vanna
BloomThat The Vanna
The Vanna Ms. White is back at it and making everyone green with envy. Dressed to kill in a new grey + white vintage striped vase, and packed full of your fave roses, hydrangeas and even a succulent, this golden girl is looking fresher than ever. So don't just buy a vowel… win the whole game with this stunner! Blooms will arrive with vase pictured.
75.00 USD In Stock
The Elle
The Elle · $85
Available Today, 9AM-10AM
The Elle Whoever said orange is the new pink clearly hasn't met The Elle. Packed full of pastel roses, vibrant celosia, premium lilies and more, this bright bunch is legally bloomin' and so well styled you won't need the bend and snap to get people's attention. So what are you waiting for? Vote for Elle! Blooms will arrive with vase pictured.
85.00 USD In Stock
The Polly
The Polly · $49
Available Today, 9AM-10AM
The Polly Keep the AC running, because The Polly is setting summer ablaze! Packed with sizzling stems, this bunch is too(lip) hot to handle and sure to heat things up. So send now and keep the summer flame alive! Blooms will arrive wrapped in burlap. Does not include a vase.
49.00 USD In Stock
The Bailee
The Bailee · $62
Available Today, 9AM-10AM
The Bailee If someone gave you a handful of gold, crisp white sheets and fresh strawberries you'd probably think, "this is an odd combo but WOOHOO!" And that's exactly what they'll think if you send them The Bailee. (Well, except for the odd combo part.) Because these summer stems are so perfect they'll bailee be able to contain their excitement. Blooms will arrive wrapped in burlap. Does not include a vase.
62.00 USD In Stock

Seasonal stems sourced from the farm each week.
Perfect for just because and for treatin' yourself.

BloomThat The Pantone
The Pantone Skittles, Tetris, Rainbow Road… the best things come in rainbow packages. So send the best with this colorful bunch of summer stems! It's sure to color their week from red to bloom. Note: pot of gold not included, Team USA's got all of it (boom). Blooms will arrive wrapped in crisp kraft paper. Vase not included.
38.00 USD In Stock

Fresh, fun, and the fastest way to make friends.
Perfect for new jobs, new digs or new buds.

The Walter
The Walter · $45
Available Today, 9AM-10AM
The Walter This is an air plant. His name is Walter. He likes to hang out… especially on desks. He's pretty low maintenance. He also answers to Walt. Includes an air plant suspended in a handmade, reclaimed wood frame.
45.00 USD In Stock
The Louie
The Louie · $32
Available Today, 9AM-10AM
The Louie Looky here! This succulent is single and ready to mingle in a fresh new suit. He comes in one of three new colors… so Huey & Dewey won't be left out. Send now and see what color you get! Includes one single succulent in an enamelware cup. Cup color will vary between red/white, grey/white or blue/white.
32.00 USD In Stock
The Hudson
The Hudson · $48
Available Today, 9AM-10AM
The Hudson Blind mice. Amigos. Musketeers. Now, add The Hudson to the list of awesome things that are a collection of three. With a trio of perfectly placed succulents, The Hudson is the ultimate triple threat. Includes three 2" succulents in a reclaimed wood box measuring 12"W x 4"D x 3"H. Handmade in Aptos, California. Color/finish of box will vary.
48.00 USD In Stock
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