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Learn More About Flower Delivery in West Hollywood

Flower delivery in West Hollywood just got fresher.

As your local West Hollywood florist, we handpick each and every one of the blooms that goes into our thoughtful, minimalist arrangements. With an eye for editing and style, we carefully curate unique and inspired floral arrangements that are sure to please even the most discerning critic. We finish our bouquets off with burlap wrap and coordinating ribbon for a polished aesthetic.

With BloomThat, placing an order for West Hollywood flower delivery has never been easier. Simply download and open our free mobile app, choose your arrangement, and click to send. We’ll keep you notified with text messages to let you know when your flowers have been dispatched and delivered. No matter how thick the West Hollywood traffic gets, our skilled bike messengers will get the blooms to your loved one in 90 minutes or less.

Our inspired flowers make great, thoughtful gifts no matter whether the occasion is big, small, just because, or once in a lifetime.

A BloomThat Story

Everything was about flowers back then. It was 1969, and the flower children were in their prime. Flower power was everywhere you looked, and everyone was talking about ending the war and flowers for peace.

When they first met, she was as radiant as the freshest West Hollywood flowers. He saw here there, standing outside the freshmen dorm rooms. The nervous excitement that filled the air was palpable. It was anticipation for college, for the future, and quite possibly, for finding the one.

It wasn’t long before he was racing up the hill to her dorm room door, eager to present her with a single pink rose as a gentlemanly sign of interest. By the time he arrived at her dorm, unfortunately, the rose had already wilted and was beginning to droop. She didn’t mind at all, however, as she saw straight through to the thought behind the flower. It wasn’t long before they would go on their first date. In fact, it felt like the blink of an eye before they fell in love, got engaged, danced on their perfect wedding day, lived happily ever after, and never looked back.

Now, decades, jobs, houses, kids, and many joyous landmarks later, it was their anniversary. After a lifetime rich in experiences for better or worse, they had done it all together.

He wondered, after years and years of buying every anniversary gift imaginable, what he could possibly surprise her with this time around. Eventually, he got to thinking about flowers. Sure, a bouquet was a simple gift, but the sentiment behind it would be a beautiful tribute to their lives together.

As he searched for West Hollywood flower delivery services, he stumbled upon BloomThat. They seemed different from all of the other florists in the area, with a handcrafted and personalized approach to blooms. He knew she’d love it. With the press of a button, he had ordered a beautiful bouquet that would be delivered via bike messenger within an hour and a half.

When the bouquet arrived, it did so in style. This was much different from the first time when he had given her that droopy rose. These flowers were fresh from the garden, carefully shaped into a vibrant and classic arrangement. They were strung with simple but chic burlap, and accented with a complementary ribbon. She beamed as the messenger pulled up to her front door on bike, beautiful bouquet in hand. Who was this magical West Hollywood florist, she wondered as she took a deep breath of the bouquet’s heavenly scent.

Before she could answer her own question, the fragrance of the flowers brought the nostalgia rushing out of darkness to the forefront of her mind. All of a sudden, a lifetime of happy memories began playing like an old projector screen in her head. She was back in the dorms, greeting the man who would become her husband. They were on their first date, hearts racing with anticipation. She thought about the first time he told her he loved her. She relived the perfect day he surprised her with an engagement ring. There they were at their wedding, dancing the night away in pure euphoria.

The bouquet reminded her that even though they had already been through most of life’s ups and downs together, their love was still very much alive. In fact, it was as full and fresh as the incredible flowers she’d just received. She then saw not the past, but the future playing out before her eyes. They were at their children’s weddings, they were holding their grandchildren, they were enjoying a beautiful day on the porch of their retirement home, and there were fresh flowers everywhere you looked.

After decades of anniversaries and milestones, she thought she’d seen it all. Who knew that a simple flower delivery in West Hollywood could trigger her innermost emotions after all these years? It was like falling in love all over again. That’s pretty powerful for a service that took less than 90 minutes to deliver.

Whether it’s your first anniversary or your fiftieth, sometimes it’s hard to beat the sentiment behind a simple, fresh cut bouquet of flowers.


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