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Learn More About Flower Delivery in Venice

BloomThat Venice flower delivery includes handcrafted bouquets carefully curated and delivered it in less than 90 minutes, starting at $38.

Beautiful, seasonal flower delivery in Venice is simple with BloomThat. Our thoughtfully handcrafted arrangements start at $38. Our selection of flower creations was carefully designed to fit any occasion and to make ordering as easy as possible. BloomThat arrangements are delivered anywhere in the city in under 90 minutes with the help of our friendly couriers.

Our flowers are hand-picked from a local Venice florist to ensure they are vibrant. We work with in-season blooms, giving each arrangement a special touch.

BloomThat makes flowers appropriate and simple to send on special occasions or whenever the need to celebrate, show love or brighten the day happens. We want to make sure each arrangement has the power to surprise, thrill or comfort its recipient. That’s why we wrap the freshest Venice flowers in burlap, tie them with a ribbon and add a custom handwritten message. The result is a clean, natural-looking package that accentuates the beauty of the flowers.

Handcrafted flower delivery is simple and beautiful with BloomThat arrangements. Ordering is easy online or with our iOS app, and you’ll receive text messages keeping you updated on the delivery’s progress. You’ll know exactly when your kind gesture was received. Handcrafted flower arrangements are magical, and BloomThat makes sending them a pleasure.

A BloomThat Story

He didn’t know that a flower delivery in Venice was going to inspire him in a meaningful way later that day. He only knew how he felt at the moment…gloomy and full of dismay.

He knew that these things happen…layoffs, downsizing. Still, as he placed the personal items on his desk into a cardboard box, he felt an overwhelming sense of disappointment in himself. How could this have happened to him?

Management explained that it was a company-wide layoff, and there were many other people getting bad news today. It didn’t matter how dedicated he was to the job, that he showed up early and left late, that he tried to improve his work each day. All that mattered to the company was budget cuts…but he still felt like a failure somehow.

After some paperwork and a severance check worth a few weeks’ pay, he walked to his car and put the box of remnants in the trunk. He drove out of the parking lot in a fog, wondering about payments for the car he was driving. He parked in front of his charming Venice apartment building and thought about paying rent. He settled on his sofa, took out his phone and felt the enormity of the situation…food, utilities, insurance. Where would he get the money for the phone bill? And, more immediately, how should he break the news to his family?

After careful consideration, he realized he did not want to have a long conversation about his feelings of failure yet. He decided on a simple text to his father: “I got fired.” He put his legs up and tried to stop the disappointment and anger taking hold of his mind. It was easier said than done.

A knock at the door an hour later was a welcome distraction from the feeling of dread that had taken over his whole body. He opened the door, letting in sunlight and the smell of fresh flowers. A smiling Venice flower delivery bike messenger stood in front of him, her arms outreached to hand him a giant floral bouquet.

“I believe these are for you,” she said, placing the arrangement in his hand. Before he could respond, she waved, hopped on her brightly colored bike and pedaled toward the street.

He shut the door, but the vibrant flowers brought some of the sunlight in to his living room. He looked at the handwritten tag to confirm what he already knew…his parents wanted to give him something to lift the feelings of failure and bring some brightness to his day.

The card read, “We believe in you, honey. You were overqualified and underpaid. The next job will be a perfect fit. Here if you need us. Love, Mom and Dad.”

Fresh, in-season Venice flowers brighten any occasion, good or bad. BloomThat wants to inspire the people in your life with our carefully handcrafted arrangements. We choose the most vibrant blooms from a local Venice florist, create a beautiful arrangement and deliver it in under 90 minutes. Ordering is easy with our app—no phone calls are necessary to add some joy to someone’s day.

Handcrafted flower arrangements from BloomThat are a simple and thoughtful way to quickly surprise, congratulate, celebrate, comfort or inspire the people in your life.


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