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We are your local florist with a keen eye for editing to curate distinctive floral arrangements on demand. Our flowers are local, in season, and truly garden fresh. Bouquets are wrapped and tied with ribbon and a handwritten message.

It doesn’t have to be a special event to enjoy the simple pleasure of sending and receiving flowers. Our charming Silver Lake flower delivery service makes a wonderful surprise, no matter what the occasion is.

When you’re ready to order, just open up our free mobile app. After you’ve chosen the perfect bouquet, it just takes a few taps on the app to send the blooms on their way. We’ll keep you informed with the occasional text message to let you know when your bouquet has been picked up by one of our bike messengers and delivered. It couldn’t be simpler.

With BloomThat, flowers have never looked so fresh!

A BloomThat Story

All her life, she had received flowers as gifts. Whether it was a birthday, a promotion, a new place, or a new love, she loved getting flowers to commemorate all of life’s milestones.

However, there was one particular type of bouquet she loved the most: anniversary flowers.

While she loved all varieties of blooms, she had come to expect and love dahlias in the Silver Lake flowers her husband gave her every year. Sometimes they were orange, other times they were pink, and still others were a clean, fresh white. 66 years down the road, these sentimental gifts never failed to delight her.

With his recent passing, however, her heart ached as she realized that would probably be the end of the annual blooms. Although she wouldn’t mind at all to go get herself a bundle of flowers to remember her late husband and celebrate their anniversary, she was 88 and past the point of driving. Plus, giving flowers to yourself just doesn’t have the same sentiment.

Fortunately, she was still surrounded by her family of loving children and grandchildren, who all knew how very special flowers were to her, particularly on her anniversary.

One of her grandchildren was exceptionally savvy with Silver Lake flower delivery services, and thought of BloomThat right away. She told the rest of the family about this inspired florist, and everyone knew right away it would be a huge hit. They also knew this was exactly what their late grandfather would have wanted.

BloomThat was different from other florists, and the family couldn’t stop thinking about how surprised their grandmother would be after 66 years of coming to expect flowers. These ones would be different. They would be the freshest handpicked blooms in Silver Lake, wrapped in simple burlap, and delivered straight to her doorstep via old-fashioned bike messenger service.

The family jumped into action, all 12 of them hopping on their mobile phones to open up BloomThat’s app. Within minutes, a dozen bouquets were on their way to her house in Silver Lake.

When the bike messenger arrived, she was surprised to hear a knock at the door. Thinking it was most likely just a solicitor, she got up and peered outside. When she saw what was on her doorstep, she almost couldn’t believe her eyes.

She saw a young man standing beside his bike, and his arms were filled to the brim with bright orange dahlias. Too emotional to say very much, she watched as the young man carefully brought each of the 12 bouquets inside. Her heart was bursting with joy and nostalgia as he wished her a most happy anniversary.

She was teary eyed as she read each of the handwritten notes from her family that this magical Silver Lake florist had attached to each bouquet.

The messages reminded her that even though her family was far away, they all loved her and were thinking about her and their grandfather. Some contained precious memories, while others encouraged her to keep smiling her brilliant smile.

Although nothing could fill the void left by her late husband, these beautiful flowers and notes sure brightened her day. As she walked through her house, which had practically been transformed into a floral shop, she was reminded of all of the love in her life. Everywhere she looked, there were dahlias as beautiful as a summer sunset.

Later on, she received calls from all 12 of her children and grandchildren wishing her well and telling her to have a happy anniversary. She was delighted to learn they would all be stopping by next weekend to celebrate her and grandpa. She was so lucky to have such amazing children who cared so much.

As she drifted off to sleep that night, although she missed her husband dearly, she couldn’t help but feel grateful to her children, as well as to the wonderful florists who had made the flower deliver in Silver Lake such a beautiful surprise. She knew her husband would have approved whole-heartedly.

It doesn’t take a grand gesture to make a special day even brighter. Sometimes all it takes is a little thought and a handcrafted bouquet of fresh-cut dahlias.


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