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Forget about paying big bucks for a finely handcrafted assortment of flowers. Our distinguished arrangements start at just $38.

As a leading inspired Santa Monica florist, BloomThat takes flower delivery to the next level. We carefully hand pick each of the blooms that go into our bouquets, which are sourced directly from local growers in order to guarantee freshness. We wrap each in burlap and finish with ribbon.

Ordering a Bloomthat bouquet for flower delivery in Santa Monica has never been easier. Simply open our free mobile app or order online to browse our arrangements. Once you’ve found the one, just press to send. One of our delivery heroes will be there to whisk away your bouquet for Santa Monica flower delivery within minutes. We’ll keep you updated with texts to let you know when the blooms have arrived.

A BloomThat Story

It was just another day and another flight when they first met. He was already in his seat, waiting for the rest of passengers to board so they could be on their way.

He had been zoning out, when all of a sudden he noticed a flash of bright red hair. There she was, with flowing red locks bright enough to catch the attention of even the most disenchanted flier. As she made her way to the row in front of his, the two locked eyes. She laughed it off as she fumbled with her overhead bag. He sat there in quiet disbelief, as if she had cast a spell over him.

The two of them held hands as they looked down at their beautiful new daughter. She was only a few weeks old and just as exhausted as thShe had noticed him too, but the hum of the plane engine had lulled her to sleep before she could strike up a conversation. When she woke up, startled by the landing gear, she forgot to look back at the intriguing stranger and wandered off the plane without giving it a second thought.

He, on the other hand, was mildly devastated. There was something so captivating about her, and here he had just let her walk off the plane without even getting her phone number. He sighed and figured it would be the last time he ever saw her.

Fast forward to several weeks later. Even though he wasn’t quite ready to leave the summer behind, classes would soon be starting back up at his local community college.

On the first day of school, he spotted a familiar redhead in class. His heart skipped a beat. After weeks and weeks of beating himself up for not talking to her, there she was, filing into the same classroom.

His mind started to race a million miles an hour. What should he do? Should he get her a bouquet of fresh Santa Monica flowers? Would she appreciate it? Would she even remember who he was?

He couldn’t let himself miss another opportunity.

In a flash, he hopped on his mobile phone and opened up the app for BloomThat, an inspired Santa Monica flower delivery business. He didn’t know very much about her, which is why a simple bouquet of garden-fresh blooms seemed like the perfect sentiment.

After choosing a bundle of vibrant roses that were matched only by the brilliance of her hair, he placed the order. It would be delivered directly to her after class in less than an hour in a half, via bike messenger.

That class seemed to drag on and on, every minute lasting a lifetime. He waited patiently in the back, avoiding her gaze until the flowers arrived. He didn’t want to blow it by coming off as awkward, especially if she didn’t remember their plane ride.

Finally, the bell chimed to signal the end of class. Everything played out perfectly. Just as she was leaving the classroom, a messenger on a neon bike stopped her in her tracks. “These must be for you!” the messenger chirped.

She was stunned. Not only were the flowers beautiful beyond compare, she was supremely impressed by the Santa Monica florist who had prepared them. They were wrapped in charming burlap packaging and accented with a ribbon that complemented the flowers, as well as her ruby red hair.

He watched from the distance, relieved that it had gone over well. He decided he would repeat the process every week until the semester was over. Then, he would ask her on a date.

When the final class of the semester was over, he approached her with a single red tulip. He accidentally collided with her out of nervousness, dropping the flower on the ground. As she bent to pick it up, she recognized him immediately and realized that he had been her secret admirer all along.

Although he was thoroughly embarrassed from having smashed into her, he managed to ask her out for coffee and a bite to eat. She was more excited than he ever knew, and couldn’t wait to learn more about this thoughtful man from the airplane. The rest, as they say, is history.

Sometimes life hands you unexpected opportunities that turn ordinary life into extraordinary moments. It’s up to you to know when to seize them. Whether the action is coincidental or planned an entire semester in advance, flower delivery in Santa Monica by BloomThat is here to help you make the magic possible.


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