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Learn More About Flower Delivery in San Mateo

At BloomThat, we create beautiful, handcrafted flower arrangements at an irresistibly affordable price, and we sweeten the deal even more by offering San Mateo flower delivery within 90 minutes!

If you have always wished there were a simple and affordable way to order last-minute flowers for a graduation, birthday party, anniversary, or practically any other event in life, you can count on BloomThat to make that particular wish come true. If you are looking for a San Mateo florist who makes it easier than ever to purchase heart-warming floral arrangements for special occasions or just because, you have come to the right place.

Our beautiful, fresh blooms are packed in burlap, tied with a ribbon, and delivered with a customized tag. We partner with a variety of florists in San Mateo to ensure that we have a readily-available selection of breathtaking floral arrangements that can be delivered to any location in the city via bike messenger. We are proud of our hard-earned reputation for offering the fastest and most reliable flower delivery in San Mateo.

Although our San Mateo flowers are always delivered quickly, we keep you updated on the status of your order by sending text messages directly to your phone. We make it easier than ever to brighten someone’s day with fresh, gorgeous flowers.

A BloomThat Story

She had received flowers for so many different occasions in her life: her high school graduation day, every birthday, her wedding, the births of her children, and each time she got a new job. Every important event in her life was made even more special by a San Mateo flower delivery of a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

But each year, for her anniversary, the flowers were different from all of the other occasions. She waited with longing and anticipation for her anniversary flower delivery in San Mateo, because year after year they always proved to be her favorite.

To celebrate each year of life spent together, her husband arranged for a San Mateo florist to deliver gorgeous dahlias. Some years they would come in rich and breathtaking sunset hues. Bright pink, orange, and red blooms would brighten up her dining room table as if the painter of the sky placed them there as a gift. Other years, white petals would gently caress the edges of the vase and fill the air with an incredible scent. For 66 years, she looked forward to the beautiful bouquet of San Mateo flowers that her husband faithfully gave her to mark every anniversary.

When he passed, she understandably thought that she would never again receive a precious bouquet of dahlias. Purchasing flowers herself seemed like a daunting task for a humble woman at the golden age of 88, and she knew that the flowers would hold very little meaning if she purchased them on her own.

Her loving grandchildren could sense that their sweet grandmother was struggling with loneliness and sadness since her sweetheart passed away 10 months previously, so they decided to do something to bring light and color back to her life.

The oldest granddaughter mentioned a San Mateo flower delivery company called BloomThat, and the family immediately recognized the name. They knew that BloomThat was the most dependable San Mateo florist and that they could be relied upon for fast and affordable flower delivery in San Mateo.

By simply downloading the BloomThat app on their smartphone devices, they could easily choose the perfect San Mateo flowers for their grieving grandmother and have them delivered within an hour. They knew this was the perfect hassle-free way to honor their grandfather’s memory and bring happiness to their grandmother’s life.

Each family member downloaded the BloomThat app and started to place orders for their favorite bouquets while they excitedly anticipated the reaction their grandmother would have upon receiving the beautiful gifts. It took less than a minute for them to place orders for a dozen unique bouquets and schedule them to be delivered to their grandmother’s house 1,000 miles away.

The grandmother was surprised to hear an unexpected knock on her door, and she wondered if she should open it. Out of curiosity, she tentatively shuffled to the door and pulled it open just enough to see who was outside. A single bicycle messenger for a San Mateo flower delivery company called BloomThat stood with a smile on his face and a splash of breathtaking color in his arms. He could barely hold onto the dozens of sunset-colored dahlias that he presented to the shocked and overwhelmed woman. She invited him inside and he gently placed the flowers into a variety of vases. By the time he was finished, her home looked like a painter’s canvas splashed with all the colors of the rainbow.

Before leaving, the flower delivery San Mateo bike messenger said simply “Happy anniversary”. Upon hearing the words, her eyes filled with tears.

She gazed at her beautiful San Mateo flowers, then read each of the heartfelt notes from her family members. Each one was filled with loving words and well-wishes. She returned the favor that night by skyping her family and telling them how much the flowers meant to her.

Although no San Mateo florist could ever completely replace the absence of her husband, the sentimental bouquets of flowers came very close.

From anniversaries to birthdays, BloomThat is always there for the most special occasions in your life. Whether you live down the block or across the country from someone you love, you can always show them how much you care by sending them a bouquet of BloomThat flowers.


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