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Learn More About Flower Delivery in San Jose

BloomThat puts a new twist on flower delivery in San Jose. Working with local florists, BloomThat carefully selects the freshest San Jose flowers of the season and creates handcrafted arrangements for a unique and memorable appearance. We wrap all of our blooms carefully in burlap and create a handwritten tag to accompany each San Jose flower delivery. Our thoughtfully arranged bouquets start at just $38.

Our care and thought doesn’t end there. Whether you order on our website or on our convenient mobile app, once you send your order, we keep you up to date with where your order stands through text messages. We’ll have your flowers delivered anywhere in San Jose in 90 minutes or less. We send one of our reliable bike messengers to make the delivery. So, no matter if you planned in advance or waited until the last minute, we help you make your special someone’s day that much brighter.

A BloomThat Story

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Life was as busy as ever with his full-time class schedule at the university and trying to fit a job in when he had free time. Besides his hectic schedule, he simply hadn’t ever been very good with numbers, especially as they applied to certain days of the year. There were times when even remember Mother’s Day or Father’s Day was a bit too much for him. The work day was nearly through when that feeling of forgetful, cold dread caused him to sit up rigid in his chair. He checked the date on his phone, then on his computer screen again to be sure. Then that sinking feeling slammed down in his chest.

Even being bad with numbers, how could he have forgotten such an important date? He was supposed to go over to her house after work, but he couldn’t show up without a thoughtful gift. It was so late, even a phone call would be a quick admission of his forgetfulness, and there was no way he could face his mother or his siblings after such a blunder. All of the floral shops he knew of were already closed, or at the very least would not be able to handle a custom order on such short notice. There had to be someone who could help him out with a last minute flower delivery in San Jose. He quickly did a desperate Google search for florists in the area. One name kept popping up over and over.

He downloaded BloomThat and started to browse through their arrangements. It surprised him how gorgeous they were in spite of being simple. They were right in his price range, too, with options starting at just $38. There were all kinds of arrangements designed with seasonal flowers. What’s more, the app indicated that BloomThat was a San Jose florist that worked with local growers to design their arrangements.

Nothing could be more perfect. Although his mother wouldn’t let him live down showing up without some sort of gift, she also would not want him to fly in expensive floral arrangements from across the country. She would prefer him to purchase something locally from a business with sustainable practices. The burlap-wrapped arrangements screamed local and sustainable. The app even said they delivered their flowers via bike messenger. She would get a kick out of that. After all, it was better for the environment.

He finally selected an arrangement he knew she would love: orange roses with spring greens and dahlias. Some of her favorite blossoms that she grew in her very own garden. He placed the order and headed through town to his mom’s favorite bakery. The feeling of dread had finally washed away, and he could breathe again. He purchased some pastries he knew she would enjoy and drove over to her house. According to his text messages, the San Jose flowers he had ordered should have already been delivered.

She greeted him at the door with a huge smile, tearful eyes and a big hug. His siblings greeted him warmly, albeit enviously, as he walked through the door. His mother had already unwrapped the floral arrangement from the burlap and placed it for all to see on the center of the dining room table. The flowers brightened up the room, but nothing glowed more than the love and appreciation shining on his mother’s face. No one had any idea that the flower order had been placed less than two hours ago.

Not only are BloomThat’s flower arrangements in season and gorgeous to look at, but they are made from flowers grown in the San Jose area. These arrangements are perfect for celebrating all kinds of occasions, from birthdays and anniversaries to holidays and achievements. It’s easy to order online, or use the BloomThat app to place an order. In under an hour and a half from placement, orders are processed and delivered to that special someone.

So the next time you find yourself walking out the door from work, having only just remembered your mother’s birthday, your anniversary or some other date important to someone special in your life, you can count on BloomThat as your last minute San Jose flower delivery service.


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