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BloomThat Redwood City Delivery
  • BloomThat Redwood City Delivery

We deliver fresh flowers in Redwood City,
Belmont and San Carlos in 90-minutes.

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Learn More About Flower Delivery in Redwood City

Are you looking for handcrafted, locally-sourced flowers? Do you need a Redwood City florist who delivers in less than an hour and a half? How about prices starting at $38 with no added charge for delivery?

BloomThat is the premier Redwood City flower delivery service, pairing on-demand, personalized service with the latest ordering technology. On top of that, we customize each arrangement for your specific occasion. With our unique network of messengers, we deliver your order anywhere in 90 minutes or less.

At BloomThat, we’re all about sourcing domestically. We curate our Redwood City flowers from fresh, seasonal selections, and each arrangement is handcrafted and designed for that special event or last-minute gift. Not only do we offer the freshest blooms, but each of our arrangements is tied off with ribbon and comes in a simple, unique burlap wrap. We even throw in a personalized hand-written note to make your gift even more meaningful.

BloomThat offers three easy ways to order flower delivery in Redwood City. And as soon as you place an order by phone, web, or our iOS app, we keep you updated via text messaging. We want you to be a part of the entire process, and we’ll let you know the precise time that your flowers are delivered. It’s your thought, and we make it count.

A BloomThat Story

As he made the long walk from the HR door to his car, he could feel the stares burning into him from behind. With every head turned his way, he clutched his brown box filled with personal belongings – a reminder of his defeat. He had been fired.

He was one of 50 people who were sacked that day. Management claimed it was due to budget cuts, but the reason didn’t matter. After a few weeks of severance, he was on his own.

The drive home was haunting. After pulling up to his new apartment that he could no longer afford, he walked inside and sat speechless in front of a blank TV. The thought hit him like a bat to the head.

He decided to spill the news first to dad, but a brief text was all he could muster: I got fired.

An hour later, with reality sinking in, he heard a knock at his door. His legs dragged like lead as he stumbled to the entrance. When he opened the door, he was greeted by a smiling bike messenger holding a large arrangement of flowers.

“I believe these are for you,” she said. With a quick wink and a happy smile, she handed them over and hopped back on her colorful two-wheeler – a cheery ride for a Redwood City florist.

He retreated back inside to find a vase, yet all he could come up with was an old tin can. As soon as the flowers settled, however, the base no longer mattered. The sun streamed in, and he suddenly enjoyed a glimmer of hope. The flowers were beautiful.

His heart swelled as he glanced at the note, for he knew who they were from without even reading the signature. “We believe in you, honey. You were overqualified and underpaid. The next job will be a perfect fit. Here if you need us. Love, Mom and Dad.”

The gift wasn’t a job, but it was exactly what he needed. In fact, his parents were spot on. He had hated every day as a telemarketer anyway. He found no joy in cold calling and knew he was meant for something else.

He applied for 100 jobs during the next three weeks, putting himself up for everything from high-profile management to substitute teaching. He even took a shot at a firefighting training program. His doors were open, and the search was a thrill.

Looking back to that cheerful Redwood City flower delivery messenger, he realized that getting fired was the best thing that could have happened. Over time and after plenty of rejections, he finally discovered how to freelance for sports new websites.

Six months later, he found himself in a bar watching the Giants play the Dodgers. It was the bottom of the ninth, bases were loaded, and the Giants led by a single point. Silence penetrated the room as the Dodgers stepped up to the plate. In a flash, the Giants claimed their victory, and he excitedly grabbed his notepad to write down highlights for his next article.

“What are you writing there?” asked a smiling girl with a twinkle in her eye.

He returned a smile and explained that he was working on an article. As he flipped through his notebook, a dried flower petal fell out from one of the pages. The girl didn’t miss a beat. She picked it up immediately and handed it over with a question in her eyes.

Of course, that petal had come from the treasured bouquet he received from his parents the day he lost his job. It was his reminder that he is the one in control of his career and his life. It was a constant push to never give up.

Flowers heal. It doesn’t matter the occasion. Whether you’re receiving good news or bad news, BloomThat is here to provide Redwood City flowers to make any moment one to remember. We offer a unique delivery service and customized arrangements, so your gift is anything but ordinary. Plus, ordering is easy. Simply open our app, select your arrangement, and your flowers are sent out in less than one hour.

At BloomThat, we source locally for the freshest flowers of the season, and all of our handcrafted bouquets are 100% unique. Consider The Jules selection for wine dahlias and vegetables or The Fillmore for pink garden roses and speckles of mint.

For personalized flower delivery in Redwood City, look to BloomThat for quality, convenience, and the perfect moment.

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