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Learn More About Flower Delivery in Palo Alto

Get a bouquet of hand-arranged flowers for as little as $38! We offer same day delivery on every purchase.

BloomThat provides the gorgeous, garden-fresh arrangements that you want, on demand. We do this by partnering with the best local Palo Alto florist shops, so you can always be certain that your orders will come out as masterpieces. Getting Palo Alto flower delivery is now easier than ever. No matter where in the city you want your flowers delivered, our messengers will be there within only 90 minutes. BloomThat is, quite simply, the best way to order a fresh bouquet of blooms.

BloomThat is also selective about the quality of flowers used. Each handcrafted bouquet uses only the freshest blooms, creating a work of art that is fit for those unforgettable special occasions and spontaneous moments alike. We wrap your custom-made arrangement in burlap, tie it with a carefully-selected ribbon and include a handwritten card with your message. We take pride in the artful presentation that we deliver with each order and make it a point to ensure that both receivers and senders have the level of service they should expect.

All of this simplifies flower delivery in Palo Alto because sending flowers should not be complicated. We also take the guesswork out of your order. BloomThat texts you status updates so you know where your flowers are and what is currently being done. Both the receiver and the sender have positive experiences with Palo Alto flowers when they use BloomThat.

A BloomThat Story

A young woman can’t keep the smile off of her face as she scans the audience for her loving parents. She is moments away from the conclusion of her college graduation ceremony, making her the first in her family to have a college degree.

The journey has not been easy for her, keeping up on her classes and homework while she worked full-time at the local diner just to scrape by. She has gone through too many late nights to count, preparing for tests long after everyone else in her dorm was asleep. Through determination, hard work and a series of student loans to make up for those times when she could not find the money to pay for her necessities, she has made it. Now, thinking back on her struggles, she is proud of what she has accomplished and ready to take on an exciting career.

The woman spots her parents and smiles at them. Despite all she has sacrificed for her college degree, she knows they have given more. She was a young child when they immigrated in the hope of giving her more opportunities than they had in their lives. They moved to a frightening new place where they were forced to learn a new language and fight for low-paying jobs. As far back as she can remember, her parents were dedicated and honest workers, determined to support their growing child and give her every chance to advance in life.

She remembered all the times her parents encouraged her in her studies and reminded her of her great potential. They never complained about their poverty and always saved the best of what they had for her. All the years of her schooling, they expressed their love and pride in what she was accomplishing. Most of the others from her graduating class had parents who could afford to pay for their children’s education, making the road easier for them. Yet, she never begrudged her parents their scarcity; she used it to inspire herself to work harder.

The ceremony ended and the young woman weaved her way through the crowd to hug her parents and to thank them. The three walked to the bus stop and began their ride home. All the while, the woman’s eyes sparkled with excitement over the surprise she planned for her parents. Thanks to BloomThat’s online ordering and their reliable Palo Alto flower delivery, there would be a beautiful bouquet of tulips waiting on the front porch. After everything her parents had given up to bring this exciting moment to her, it was time for her to show them how deeply grateful she was.

After the short walk from their stop to the home where the young woman grew up, the three found much more than the expected tulips. Roses, sunflowers, daffodils and more bulged from the porch steps. The woman knelt in front of the fragrant flowers, breathing them in while she gingerly opened card after card of handwritten messages. Friends and neighbors represented the community in congratulating her and wishing her success.

Tears of gratitude flooded her eyes when she read the card on the arrangement purchased by her own, dear parents. They loved the tulips that she gave them, and the three enjoyed a long moment on the porch before they began carrying the flowers inside.

There are times in life that deserve more than words can express. For those special occasions, flower delivery in Palo Alto is made convenient thanks to BloomThat. We work with local florists to hand-arrange and deliver orders throughout the city within 90 minutes of receiving your order.

Whether you are celebrating a large event or simply want to give your loved one a spontaneous reminder of your appreciation, our seasonal Palo Alto flowers are the perfect touch with their gorgeous burlap wrapping and delicate bows. All the blooms used are locally grown before being hand selected for their elegance and beauty. Look through our wide selection of bouquets online to find the one that speaks to you.

Download our app to make purchasing flowers even easier and faster. Arrange delivery in advance or have your blooms to the recipient anywhere in Palo Alto within 90 minutes. Flowers from our Palo Alto florist are more than just a bouquet; they are unforgettable expressions of love.


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