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Learn More About Flower Delivery in Oakland

Imagine meticulously crafted flower arrangements starting at just $38, fresh from the best Oakland florist, delivered next day. While it sounds like an outlandish concept, it is indeed the real deal.

This fast and convenient Oakland flower delivery service comes courtesy of BloomThat. Order Oakland flowers arranged to perfection and delivered straight to the destination in under 90 minutes. Our service greatly simplifies flower delivery in Oakland, allowing you to show loved ones how much you care whenever you see fit.

Our flower selection is carefully curated by the great minds at BloomThat, meaning this collection of seasonal flowers is ideal for both special occasions as well as spontaneous events. We also include customized hand-written tags with your order, which arrives wrapped in burlap for protection and tied with a ribbon. This thoughtful packaging is sure to impress both the recipient, as well as those sending the flowers to their loved ones.

After placing your order, BloomThat sends a text message to keep you informed on the status of your delivery. This means you'll be aware of the exact time frame of your delivery, from the moment it’s picked up to when it arrives. This renders the total experience a joy for all involved, and reduces the complications typically associated with flower delivery service.

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Just thinking about the layoffs at her last job brought that sickly panicked feeling rushing back. Dubbed 'Black Friday' by her fellow employees, the grueling process involved over 200 workers being individually corralled into meetings with management, only to emerge a half-hour later, teary-eyed and toting a meager cardboard box filled with all their possessions. Given that days events, she knew her job was no longer secure when she received notification by email for her own 3 PM meeting. The rest of the day was a blur, save for the hours spent downing shots of Jack Daniels at a local bar to in order to quell her mounting misery.

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Upon arrival she tried her best to keep her fears and insecurities in check. She made sure to maintain consistent eye contact with her interviewer, while also taking great care to answer his questions to the best of her ability. While there were a few obstacles, overall she felt the interview was a success. This belief was confirmed a week later when she got the call telling her she was hired. She was genuinely ecstatic; she began jumping for joy the moment she hung up the phone, surely causing her neighbors to think this young woman had truly lost it.

She arrived incredibly early on her first day, affording her the distinction of being the very first employee at the office. As she made her way to her desk, she took a moment to survey her surroundings. Her new workplace was truly stunning, with its open floor plan complete with massive monitors outfitted to every desk. Unlike past jobs she'd had, this was a newer and smaller company, meaning she was a valued part of a carefully chosen workforce. This was a first for her career-wise, affording her a safe and vital feeling she'd never before experienced.

During her noon training, she was surprised when a bike messenger parted to massive glass doors and made his way into the room. Upon the office manager's instruction, the messenger walked towards her with a warm smile, offering a bouquet of spring green roses while telling her “Congratulations!” She was truly floored by this unexpected Oakland flower delivery.

The dazzling bouquet came from Oakland florist BloomThat, as indicated by the card delicately placed between the petals. The Oakland flowers were a gift from her parents, offering their congratulations and wishing her well on her first day at her brand new job. The emotion was almost too much for her take. After all her hard work and determination, she'd achieved what she'd longed for. This flower delivery in Oakland was a testament to her success, which she was reminded of every time she glanced at the beautiful bouquet of Oakland flowers on her desk.

Those seeking fast and reliable flower delivery in Oakland have found a match in Oakland florist BloomThat. Customers agree that our convenient BloomThat app makes Oakland flower delivery easier than ever. In only a few seconds, you can choose fantastic looking Oakland flowers and have them sent to a loved one to honor a variety of occasions. Our service is great for both planned events as well as spontaneous occurrences, and all flower delivery in Oakland will occur in under 90 minutes. For this reason BloomThat is considered the best Oakland florist, allowing you to focus on what matters most in life, while also celebrating those victories big and small that make life so worth living. To this end, BloomThat is the obvious choice for your next Oakland flower delivery.


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