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Learn More About Flower Delivery in Mountain View

The process of ordering and sending that special someone in Mountain View flowers has never been easier. Rather than having to pay extra for custom orders or rush delivery like you have to with other services offering Mountain View flower delivery, BloomThat offers you beautiful floral arrangements to choose from, and guarantees delivery within 90 minutes at no extra cost to you.

Sound too good to be true? Don’t worry, it’s not. We at BloomThat offer you fresh, beautiful blooms on demand. You can choose from any number of handcrafted, versatile floral arrangements that are perfect for any occasion. We then work with an area florist to build that arrangement, using our custom burlap packaging, all tied off with a ribbon and including a custom, handwritten tag.

Then comes the truly remarkable part. Whereas others offering flower delivery in Mountain View make you work within their schedule, we work to accommodate yours. Once your order is placed, it’s sent via bike messenger to its destination within 90 minutes. No more worrying about whether or not the arrangement arrived on time. Best of all, we keep you updated throughout the entire process. You’re sent a text message notifying you when your arrangement has been sent out for delivery, and another after it has been delivered.

Ordering flowers should be a magical experience for both you and your special someone. Experience that magic with BloomThat.

A BloomThat Story

Every flower tells a story. A story like that day when he was on his way to her dorm to pick her up for their first date. His beat-up old BelAir was nothing to impress, nor was the inexpensive diner and drive-inn itinerary he had planned for the evening. Yet it was all that a poor college student could afford. Still, the decision to spend a few extra bucks that he didn’t really have on a single red rose was well worth the sacrifice when he saw the look her face as he gave it to her at the door.

A story like that day they sat nervously in the hospital room, both staring down at the little baby girl in her arms that, for the moment, lay sleeping soundly. What had they been thinking? They were barely making ends meet as it is. What made them think they could possibly give this new little person all of the support that she’d need. Yet suddenly, the comforting scent of the fresh blossoms here father brought into the room silently seemed to tell them that everything would be alright.

A story like that day when she and their two children stood proudly outside the auditorium, waiting for him to emerge from the crowd of supporters congratulating the new graduates. At last, it was finally done. This master’s degree was his key to new opportunities. No more working tirelessly at two jobs that left little time for her and the kids. The white carnations that she held in her hands seemed to fittingly represent all of the promise that the future now held for them.

Another chapter was written in that story today, when an energetic young bike messenger surprised her with a beautiful bloom at her home. After removing the flowers from the beautiful burlap wrap and moving aside the timeshare brochures and the invitation to their granddaughter’s high school graduation to place the arrangement in the center of their kitchen table, she looked over the custom card attached to the bouquet. In it, he described the excitement he felt about them starting this latest chapter of their lives together and thanking her for all of the support that she’d given to him over the years. Promising to make their retirement years the best of their lives, he finished it all off with a simple “I love you.”

The story of your life is written in the many Mountain View flowers you’ve received throughout the years. Each new bloom recalls the memories of first dates, first fights, proposals, weddings, births, birthdays, promotions, graduations, and retirements. Who says that those stories are only meant for special occasions? With the on demand Mountain View flower delivery service offered by us here at BloomThat, you and your special someone can add new chapters to your story any time that you like.

Life’s milestones are what a Mountain View florist is there for. What better way to commemorate a memorable day or event than having a custom-picked bloom sent by a premier provider of flower delivery in Mountain View to the one with whom you share the date? Thanks to our reliable and easy-to-use Mountain View flower delivery service, those dates as well as any other time you feel like sending your feelings through flowers are taken care of.

While many Mountain View florists can only offer you a limited selection of flowers and/or make you work within their schedules when scheduling a delivery, we here at BloomThat strive to make the process of sending your special someone Mountain View flowers much more magical and memorable. That’s why our flower delivery in Mountain View is designed to be both simple for you to arrange and magical for your recipient to experience.

It’s starts by selecting your perfect bloom on either our website or through our downloadable app. Choosing your flowers, customizing your message, and specifying your delivery location is done with just a few simple finger swipes. We here at BloomThat have a vast Mountain View florist network through which we can administer your order. Blooms are sent via bike messenger and guaranteed to arrive within 90 minutes of your order. To help ensure your satisfaction, you’ll be notified via text the moment your Mountain View flower delivery has both commenced and been completed.

The next time you want to continue the story of you and your special someone with the best Mountain View flowers on the market, trust in us here at BloomThat. We’re committed to making both you and your recipient’s experience with flower delivery in Mountain View a magical one.


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