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Learn More About Flower Delivery in Menlo Park

What if you could find the perfect flowers for that special occasion, holiday, or just because, and have them delivered within an hour and a half? What if those handcrafted arrangements started at just $38? What if there was a Menlo Park flower delivery service to handle everything from order to delivery for you?

BloomThat takes care of every step of your flower delivery in Menlo Park for you. As your Menlo Park florist, we provide a carefully curated selection of gorgeous blooms suitable for any occasion and any reason. Every arrangement is carefully handcrafted to provide stunning seasonal flair to any setting. Using our reliable on-demand delivery team, your order is able to be delivered anywhere in the city within 90 minutes. Our flowers provide a clean, unique aesthetic appeal as they show up tied with ribbon, wrapped in burlap, and attached with a custom tag that is handwritten.

When you place your order for Menlo Park flowers with BloomThat, we make the flower delivery process easy by sending you text messages. Throughout the fulfillment of your order, you receive updates so you know when your arrangements have been picked up and delivered. You’re ordering flowers to create a memorable experience for the recipient; we want to make your experience a magical one as well.

A BloomThat Story

It seemed like just another typical start to a normal work week. Her daily commute was full of the normal traffic and the same old music on the radio. The sun was shining, though, and the view from her office at the small startup company where she had found employment was pretty decent. She made her way to her desk and set her frame of mind to work mode. Then the Menlo Park florist arrived.

It’s not atypical for someone to receive a bouquet of flowers at work. There had been deliveries before on special holidays and occasions. The big blue delivery bike drew a couple of gazes from her coworkers. A few more people looked up as the bike messenger came inside with a large bundle of flowers wrapped in burlap. Was it someone’s birthday or anniversary? Now everyone looked up with at least mild curiosity.

The florist walked through the office straight to her. Once he confirmed that he had the right recipient, he handed them over and quietly left. She couldn’t help but smile as her eyes danced over the yellow tulips and roses, starkly bright and beautiful against the green stems and leaves. Their scent soon permeated her entire office. Her hands brushed against the card that came with the bouquet, and she quickly turned it over to discover who had ordered such gorgeous Menlo Park flowers.

“Until our paths cross again.”

The words were scrawled in flowing handwriting. No name, no other message. She flipped the card around a few times and read the words over and over again. She quickly searched her mind, but had no idea who had sent the bouquet.

A little mystery seemed like a great way to liven up a seemingly droll start to the work week. It couldn’t be any of her old flames, she thought, since it had been years since she’d last spoke with any of them. She stealthily glanced around the office. Such a small startup company hardly had anyone looking for anything more than an amicable acquaintanceship. The last blind date she had agreed to go on had ended in a mess, so that wasn’t a possibility, either.

TLunch rolled around and she still didn’t have a clue as to who would think to order flower delivery in Menlo Park for her. She was so wrapped up in the mystery that she could hardly eat. A few hours later, with the bouquet blooming brighter than ever on her desk, she felt herself start to drag in mind and body. Standing up from her chair, she decided to take a break from work and mystery-solving to refuel with a little coffee.

The door to the break room quietly swung open as her mug caught the last drop of coffee. She glanced over to see a man walk in with the “Fruit Guys” logo on his uniform. He was dropping of the company’s weekly produce delivery, as he did every week. Her cheeks warmed a little, just like they always did when she ran into him. They hadn’t talked much beyond little quips and banter in passing, not even enough to know one another’s names. The exchanges were always pleasant, however, and she looked forward to them.

A thought suddenly crossed her mind. Could the Menlo Park flowers be from him? Her tongue became tied as she debated what to say. Should she say anything at all? Before she had fully processed the thought, he finished unpacking and turned to go. He turned to smile at her briefly.

“Nice flowers,” he commented with a wink.

Her mouth dropped open, but he was gone before she could compose herself enough to speak. A flutter of white on the empty produce box caught her eye. She picked up the piece of paper.

“Until our paths cross again,” read the note. A phone number followed the message. A smile crept across her face. Mystery solved.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a way to break the ice toward what might be a budding romance. With fast Menlo Park flower delivery from BloomThat, it’s easy to have a statement bouquet sent to someone you admire within an hour and half. Whether your relationship is just starting to blossom or you want to remind your significant other just how much you care, placing your order and having it delivered the same day takes only seconds. That’s certainly one way to get a special someone’s attention.


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