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We’re sure you’ve heard of those run of the mill flower delivery services, the ones that sacrifice quality for price and still charge steep delivery fees. We’re here to put a fresh take on Marina del Rey flower delivery. At BloomThat, you can purchase high quality, handcrafted Marina del Rey flowers for as little as $38.

When you place an order for flower delivery in Marina del Rey with BloomThat, you get a freshly curated bundle of handpicked blooms that can be delivered citywide in just 90 minutes. How is it possible? Our complimentary bike messenger service is designed with speed in mind. By avoiding vehicle traffic, we are able to bring you garden-fresh flowers with ease.

At BloomThat, only the freshest seasonal blooms go into our handcrafted bouquets. We secure every bouquet with shabby-chic burlap and a complementary ribbon for extra visual interest. The receiver will love the striking packaging and flowers, whether it’s a special occasion or simply a “just because” gift.

As your local innovative Marina del Rey florist, we make ordering as easy a swipe and three taps on our handy mobile app. We’ll send you texts to let you know when your order has been dispatched and delivered. Ordering fine fresh flowers has never been easier!

A BloomThat Story

It was just another late night at the office in the middle of another meeting when he remembered. How could he possibly have forgotten? If he didn’t leave quickly, he would surely miss his daughter’s big dance recital.

Wasting no time, he hurriedly shoved all his work belongings into his worn briefcase and raced out of the office. He could explain the meeting later, but being late to her show was inexcusable.

The tiny dancer had worked hard all year to get to her big debut, and she couldn’t wait to share it with her daddy. All year long, she would run to the front door to greet him after work. She loved to tell him about her progress and anticipation for the recital, reminding him frequently that she was one of just five girls chosen to perform. She would also be up front, stealing the spotlight as the lead dancer.

He cursed himself for having forgotten such an important night. To make things worse, traffic was so bad that it would take him well over an hour to make it to the recital by the start of the show. He couldn’t bear the thought of showing up not only severely late, but also empty-handed without even a bundle of fresh Marina del Rey flowers to give his little girl.

As he raced out of the office doors and into his car, he paused for a split second to pull out his phone. He opened BloomThat’s app to order instant flower delivery in Marina del Rey. He knew that even if it took him over two hours to make it to the end of the show, the fresh blooms would be there in 90 minutes or less, waiting for his daughter backstage. With a swipe and three taps, he had selected and ordered a bouquet of garden-fresh flowers straight from his trusted local florist. He started the car and mentally planned his easiest route to the recital.

He found no mercy in rush hour traffic, but still drove as fast as he safely could to reach his little girl in time. By taking a few side streets and little known short cuts, he was miraculously able to make it to the recital with plenty of time to spare.

His little dancer was front and center stage, her effervescent tutu glowing in the spotlight. Although she was just six years old and a modest three and a half feet tall, her strong stage presence couldn’t be denied. She may as well have been a shining star.

Daddy was there to see her dance her heart out without a single slip. He grew prouder with every whirling pirouette, sharp arabesque, and graceful chasse his little girl land with precision and style. When the show was over, he wasn’t the only one clapping. The entire audience stood to applaud the rising star’s pristine performance. He couldn’t wait to greet her backstage and tell her how much everyone loved the show.

When he found her amid the post-recital chaos, she leapt into his open arms. She was holding a bouquet of some of the most beautiful blooms he’d ever seen, wrapped with care by the thoughtful Marina del Rey florist. The tiny ballerina greeted her daddy with a huge hug and smile. She had even pinned a sprig of baby’s breath straight from the bouquet of blooms into her bun.

As she thanked him profusely for the bundle of flowers, he couldn’t help but be thankful for the speedy Marina del Rey flower delivery service, made possible by the inspired staff at BloomThat.

No matter how grand the event is, it doesn’t take an expensive gift to honor the joy of the day. Sometimes all it takes is a little thought and a bouquet of garden-fresh, handpicked blossoms to express the right sentiment and make the affair truly memorable.

Whether you need a heartfelt gift in a hurry or are planning in advance for a special occasion, BloomThat makes it possible to order a fresh floral arrangement with the push of a button and have it delivered via bike messenger in 90 minutes or less. You’ll never need to worry about showing up empty handed, even if you can’t be there in person.


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