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Learn More About Flower Delivery in Downtown LA

Think fresh flower delivery in Downtown LA in 90 minutes or less for just $38 is impossible?

At BloomThat it’s not only possible, it’s just how we get it done.

We’re here to bring you stunning, high quality, garden-fresh blooms on with just the push of a button. We build handcrafted arrangements daily and deliver them to you via our charming and complimentary delivery service. We deliver your Downtown LA flowers in 90 minutes or less.

We aren’t your assembly line, cookie cutter Downtown LA florist. We handpick only the finest and freshest seasonal flowers to include in our beautiful array of arrangements. Each bouquet is finished off with burlap and matching ribbon for a chic, minimalist look that is sure to please even the toughest critic. Our flowers make great gifts no matter what the occasion is, from graduations and birthday parties to very special events and no reason at all.

At BloomThat, we make placing your order for Downtown LA flower delivery a breeze. Order online or download the mobile app to browse our bouquets and choose one for delivery. We’ll text you to let you know when your flowers are picked up and delivered for a care free experience.

A BloomThat Story

As the cold dreary day started, she just had a feeling that things weren’t going to go well. Her fears were confirmed when she got a call from her son’s elementary school letting her know he had fallen and broken his arm. As she drove to the school to get him and take him to the hospital, her fears overwhelmed her as only a mother’s can.

What if it’s worse than it looks? Will he need surgery? Will he be left out at school because he can’t participate in everyday activities? All these thoughts ran through her head on the way to pick up her son, but the fears all disappeared as she immediately reacted when she saw the tears running down his face. He was only ten years old, and with his arm hanging at his side, he simply wanted his mother.

After a long ride to the ER for both mother and son, the arm was set and fears were calmed. With a new cast, he couldn’t wait to get back to school and show all his friends. Caught up in his excitement, it wasn’t until he dozed off to sleep that mom really let herself relax and relive the last few hours.

It seemed they hadn’t been checked into their room for two minutes before the first bouquet was delivered. With her husband out of town, she had a feeling he had made a phone call to a Downtown LA florist to remind her that he was there with her in spirit. Sure enough, the pink roses peeking out of burlap paper were for her from the man who wished he could be there to hold her hand.

With the delivery of the pink roses came a colorful bouquet of daisies with a handwritten card from dad for her son. It seemed he had thought of everything when he requested a Downtown LA flower delivery. Roses were her favorite flower and would calm her down and make her feel as if he was close, while the colorful daisies brought a smile to their son’s face that helped ease the ache of a broken arm and a traveling father.

The next delivery came about an hour later, and as she peeled back the burlap paper, her heart hitched as she saw the red tulips wrapped so cleanly in perfectly with a custom handwritten note from the principal of her son’s school. Several minutes later another knock came at the door, and she was amazed as a bouquet from her son’s teacher was dropped off to make him smile.

As the counters in the room were covered with floral bouquets, they both marveled at the ability of a company that could send Downtown LA flowers so quickly and efficiently. At a time when she felt so alone and she knew her son was worried about the pain, the flowers helped soothe the ache of worry and calm the troubled mind.

After his friends visited and signed his new cast, he drifted off to dreamland with a giant smile on his face, knowing he was loved and missed by those he cared about the most. In that moment, mom’s heart smiled at the calm and peace that can come from a simple bouquet of flowers.

With the help of BloomThat, anyone that wanted to could show their love quickly with the help of flower delivery in Downtown LA. While most knew that a broken arm wouldn’t keep her son in the hospital for long, they knew they had to act quickly with the company that guarantees delivery in 90 minutes or less. Even the bike messenger that delivered the flowers was able to put a smile on her son’s face with a high-five as he walked out of the room.

As mom finally closed her eyes and allowed her mind to rest, she drifted off surrounded by the fragrance of love from those she knew she could count on to care for her and her family.

BloomThat offers services through an app designed specifically to limit the time wasted with phone calls and the grapevine. Because we know that life isn’t always planned, and even mom has her breaking points, we make it easy for all to show her that she is loved and supported as she selflessly cares for those she loves the most.


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