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Learn More About Flower Delivery in Daly City

Unique, handcrafted flower arrangements perfect for any moment or occasion. A simple ordering process available at your fingertips. Daly City flower delivery in under an hour and a half.

We offer the simplest way to send fresh, versatile Daly City flowers the same day you order. Did you forget a birthday, anniversary, or holiday? Were you suddenly struck with the inspiration to send your significant other a reminder of your affections? Our burlap-wrapped blooms come with a handwritten tag and tied with a ribbon, so they look like anything but a last-minute thought.

BloomThat is a Daly City florist creating a dazzling selection of unique arrangements to choose from. We carefully curate our selection to bring you the most beautiful seasonal blossoms. Browsing through our options is simple on our website or with our mobile app. Once you place your order, we send you text messages to make sure you know what’s going on until your flowers are delivered.

We take the hassle out of flower delivery in Daly City by offering delivery citywide in under 90 minutes. Once your order is filled, one of our bike messengers takes care of getting it to the right recipient. For receivers and senders everywhere, we try to make your day a little brighter.

A BloomThat Story

Gizmo had been her best friend since childhood. Half black, half white, and of mixed breed, she had named her after her favorite character of her favorite movie as a child, Gremlins. Gizmo had always been full of energy, running around like a small, bunched up mop. One day, however, that energy was just gone.

It had already been a full year since she had to say goodbye to Gizmo forever. She had spread her ashes at the local park where Gizmo used to play. Her pup had been such a bright spot in her life, always welcoming her with a flurry of tail wags whenever she came home and cuddling with her whenever she needed the extra affection. There was definitely something lacking in her new Daly City apartment each night when she came home. In spite of her loneliness, she told herself to wait before getting a new pet.

No other dog could ever replace Gizmo, but she felt like now, a year after her passing, maybe she could start looking again. The Daly City dog shelter seemed like the perfect place to start. If it all worked out, she knew she would need a Daly City florist to show her thanks to the shelter.

Every dog she laid eyes on reminded her of Gizmo. They all looked at her, whimpering, wagging their tails, pleading. She wished she could take them all. Finally, her eyes rested on a tan dog with white spots decorating his chest, eye, and tail.

He cocked his head at her, ear raised and one ear flopped over backwards. He raised a paw up onto the cage wires as she approached. She didn’t even notice that her feet stopped moving. The shelter volunteer told her his name was Tiger.

“He’s a cutie,” she whispered.

The volunteer agreed, and proceeded to tell her Tiger’s story. He was adopted as a puppy to a family with kids. When he got bigger, however, the kids grew tired of him. The family abandoned him at the shelter. Two years old, over a hundred pounds, sweet, but with no family now.

Her heart ached for Tiger. She wondered how he would react to riding in her car with her and coming to a new home. Maybe he would enjoy running through the Daly City flowers at the park, like Gizmo did. The volunteer gave her the leash when everything was squared away, and Tiger happily trotted beside her and jumped comfortably into the car. The whole ride home, he stuck his head out the window, seemingly happy.

He spent his first day exploring every inch of her apartment and rolling around the floor. She knew they were going to be inseparable from the moment he goofily gazed at her from the floor, tail wagging. Life was going to be just fine with him by her side.

She wanted to let the shelter know just how much it meant to her to have Tiger in her life. Knowing they were capable of same day flower delivery in Daly City, she opened the BloomThat application on her phone and browsed through their handcrafted selection of seasonal flowers. She chose one she enjoyed and put the information for the animal shelter on the phone along with a message. She could envision the Daly City florist arriving at the shelter with the brightly colored flowers wrapped in burlap.

The delivery was a surprise to the volunteers at the shelter, who were thrilled that Tiger now had a forever home. They worked hard from morning to night to care for animals and help people find perfect companions. The vibrant flowers were the perfect celebration of a job well done for everyone working there.

BloomThat makes quick Daly City flower delivery possible when orders are placed online or over our mobile application. We offer a wide selection of carefully curated seasonal flowers from local florists to create unique arrangements that are perfect for any occasion. Orders are delivered anywhere in the city by one of BloomThat’s bike messengers. So when you want to thank a local business for making your life a little brighter, all you have to do is place a quick order. Your message and order will be received in under an hour and a half.


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