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Handcrafted arrangements of fresh flowers starting at $38. Sound too good to be true? BloomThat’s Cupertino flower delivery services are guaranteed within 90 minutes.

At BloomThat, we’ve been perfecting our Cupertino florist shop. We find only the best local blooms to offer our customers fresh-from-the-garden, beautiful flowers with every order. We carefully select only the most vibrant assortment of blossoms to ensure each artfully arranged bouquet is fragrant and fresh.

Each collection of our bold blooms is handcrafted into an awesome arrangement. Wrapped tightly in natural cloth burlap and tied with a bright complimentary ribbon. The finishing touch is a handwritten note. It’s clean and thoughtful. The perfect gift for special occasions, yet simple enough for a spontaneous send.

BloomThat has mastered the art of flower delivery in Cupertino. Place an order via web or app. We’ll let you know when your Cupertino flowers have been sent with one of our professional bike couriers and once delivery is complete. There’s truly no better way to send fresh flowers than by using our simple, customized approach. Make someone’s day memorable by sending a stunning arrangement from BloomThat.

A BloomThat Story

Nothing brings your self-confidence lower than job hunting. After endless hours spent creating cover letters, revising resumes and preparing for job interviews, there’s nothing more depressing than the silence that follows.

She braced herself for the worst. When her prior company in Cupertino laid off hundreds of employees in one day, she knew it could be months before she found a job. And this time she was determined not to settle. She was educated, intelligent and ready to find a career in advertising that satisfied her creative desires.

With a heavy sigh she closed her laptop and turned to look out the window towards the Cupertino flower delivery companies that lined the streets. Another beautiful day spent cooped up inside her cramped apartment searching for jobs. She got up to make another cup of coffee and nearly dropped her mug when the phone rang. Grabbing the receiver, she tried to mask how startled she was.

It was a new startup company in Cupertino requesting an interview. With shaky hands she wrote down the information, politely thanked the caller and hung up the phone. The excitement burst out of her. She jumped around the narrow rooms in her apartment, squealing with joy. Then she ran to her laptop to begin her research for the job interview.

The next day she stepped out of her apartment building and took a deep breath. The smell of fresh Cupertino flowers always brought a smile to her face. It was the reason she had chosen this apartment in the first place. Tucking her purse under her arm, she began the short walk to the interview.

She met with human resources. She met with the advertising department’s hiring manager. And to finish off the morning they asked her to meet with the company’s CEO. Nervously, she agreed and discreetly wiped her clammy hands on her skirt.

As she walked into the CEO’s office, a familiar aroma tickled her nose. There was a beautiful, handcrafted arrangement of flowers on the desk. She immediately recognized the burlap wrapping, the vibrant blooms and the coordinating ribbon as being from her favorite Cupertino florist, BloomThat. She breathed in the familiar scent and smiled as she greeted the CEO. This was the perfect way to begin the biggest interview of her career.

A week later she got the call. The job was hers. With tears of joy stinging at her eyes, she grabbed her cell phone and opened the app for BloomThat. She quickly placed an order of fresh, beautiful blooms as a thank you to the CEO for this opportunity. BloomThat’s flower delivery in Cupertino was the best around. Their rustic arrangements were delivered free within 90 minutes via a bike messenger. There was no better way to show her appreciation.

On her first day she confidently walked into the office building with a smile. She pushed the elevator button to the fourth floor training department and lightly leaned on the inside wall during her short ride. She couldn’t believe her luck. Her dream job had finally been achieved thanks to years of hard work, education, preparation, and of course, BloomThat. She still couldn’t believe how lucky she was that the CEO had a BloomThat arrangement on her desk. They had spent at least half the interview discussing the freshly picked, artisan bouquet. She knew a lot of Cupertino flower delivery shops, but she especially knew about BloomThat because they were so innovative and friendly. The CEO thought so too.

At midday her excitement still hadn’t worn off. The training group was about to break for lunch when she noticed a flower delivery in Cupertino courier entering the room. In his hands he carried the most stunning arrangement of fresh-cut, Cupertino flowers that could only be from BloomThat. Her eyes lit up as he walked straight towards her.

As a premier Cupertino florist, BloomThat has mastered the art of sending fresh-picked, beautiful blooms to make every moment unforgettable. With our exclusive smart phone app you can order arrangements within seconds and have it delivered within 90 minutes. It’s quick, simple and the best way to celebrate life’s special moments.


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