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Learn More About Flower Delivery in Culver City

BloomThat makes it possible to send beautiful, heartfelt floral arrangements, bouquets, succulents, and more to loved ones throughout the Culver City area. BloomThat delivers orders in 90 minutes or less.

The cost of Culver City flower delivery is included in the price of the arrangement or bouquet you select. With prices that start at just $38, you can order a bouquet for any occasion. There are never any hidden fees or additional costs. This up-front approach to pricing further sets apart BloomThat from more traditional delivery services.

Placing an order with BloomThat takes just minutes. You will receive updates when your order is processed and delivered.

This new approach to delivering Culver City flowers takes advantage of convenient and trusted ecommerce tools. Orders can be placed using our easy to navigate online storefront or using our free iOS app. Customers can browse our current seasonal offerings to discover exciting and attractive arrangements that are ready to send. Each bouquet is wrapped in rustic brown cloth and tied with a perky, colorful ribbon. Would you like a personalized note card included? Just let us know.

A BloomThat Story

BloomThat offers a rotating selection of flower bouquets that starts at just $38. The price of an arrangement or bouquet includes the delivery cost so you always know exactly how much you are spending. There are never any extra charges or added fees. This lets customers maximize the value of the money spent; you get more flowers and better service thanks to BloomThat’s unique approach to pricing.

Value is an important part of the BloomThat approach to being a Culver City florist. In an effort to create floral arrangements that are appealing as well as affordable, we have chosen to emphasize seasonal flowers in our bouquets. Flowers, just like food, are at their peak of freshness and quality when they are at the height of their growing season. Flowers in season are more attractive, fresher, more abundant, and more affordable than when they are out of season. Traditional florists and delivery services rely on warehouses to store flowers even when out of season. As a result, many flowers are high priced and not as fresh as they should be. They are not as beautiful and may not even last as long once they are sent to the recipient. The BloomThat team works with distributors to identify which flower varieties are going to be freshest and most abundant. Then our designers go to work developing a selection of distinctive and novel arrangements. Our customers get to enjoy a rotating gallery of available arrangements; there is always something new to send.

We have also chosen to create gift assortments the complement our beautiful arrangements. These assortments pair treats from top Bay Area businesses with a specially designed flower arrangement. Some of our assortments have included candy, chocolates, pastries, candles, and health and beauty products. These and other goodies are available in very limited quantities and the arrangements that accompany them will only be available as long as supplies remain. We encourage people to order these specialty arrangements early to enjoy the very best the Bay Area has to offer. These gift sets make excellent housewarming gifts, welcome home presents, or “just because” gifts. They are also an excellent way to treat yourself when you want to make an ordinary day just a little bit brighter.

BloomThat has networked together trusted and established florists in every ZIP code within Culver City and surrounding neighborhoods. These florists know their neighborhood best and can deliver flowers faster than drivers coming from distant locations. Flower delivery in Culver City is faster, more responsive, and more affordable when performed by local agents already in the area. This helps minimize delivery costs and further enrich the value of the money spent on every BloomThat arrangement. This carefully designed network of providers has allowed us to create the 90 minute guarantee: each arrangement or bouquet ordered through BloomThat is delivered in 90 minutes or less.

Providing affordable, convenient same-day flower delivery services to our customers in the Culver City area is the main goal of the BloomThat team. We believe that sending and receiving flowers should be a magical experience, one that is not hampered by a complicated ordering process, uninspiring arrangements, or extravagant pricing. A BloomThat bouquet is the perfect way to celebrate a promotion, congratulate a loved one, thank a real estate agent, or simply express your affection. Our convenient website and free iOS app makes browsing the current BloomThat selection fast and simple. The entire ordering process takes moments and in just 90 minutes, you can brighten someone’s day.


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