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There’s no question that fresh flowers make memorable gifts. In fact, over 90% of women can vividly remember the last arrangement of flowers they received. Add that to the 95% of men and women that can easily recall the last time they sent blooms to a loved one, and it’s easy to see why fresh flowers are a universally appreciated gesture. As a premier Burlingame florist, BloomThat specializes in providing your loved ones with a seasonal, colorful collection of blossoms to make their day memorable.

The Blooms. At BloomThat, we use only the freshest, most vibrant and beautiful Burlingame flowers in our handcrafted arrangements. We partner with the best local florists to create simple yet stunning floral arrangements ideal for any occasion. Each arrangement is carefully wrapped in pure burlap cloth, tied with tasteful ribbon and sealed with a custom and beautifully handwritten tag. Appropriate for everyone in your circle, including friends, family members, co-workers and frenemies, our aesthetic approach is clean, simple and thoughtful.

The Delivery. BloomThat has mastered the art of Burlingame flower delivery. Orders can easily be placed online, and are processed immediately with guaranteed delivery within 90 minutes. We’ll even send you text messages to keep you up to speed on your order, so you’ll know exactly when your flowers are in route and once they have been delivered. Flower delivery in Burlingame has never been easier. That’s the BloomThat promise.

A BloomThat Story

Tyler sat idly on the plane. Passengers filed past him, dragging wheeled bags and oversized briefcases in their wake. Tiredly, he sighed and began lightly tapping his fingers on the seat tray in front of him.

With an estimated 15 minutes before takeoff, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. The home screen was full of apps and he tapped on one he had downloaded this morning. It was for a local Burlingame flower delivery company called BloomThat. His roommate was constantly using the app to order flowers.

Tyler looked through the BloomThat app and was pretty impressed. They guaranteed fresh flower delivery in Burlingame within 90 minutes of placing the order. The flower arrangements were unique and simple, yet vibrant and the prices seemed affordable. He would have to remember this app for his mom’s birthday. She loved getting flowers.

Then something caught his eye. Looking up, he saw a flash of red hair being seated two rows in front of him. Lifting her bag into the overhead bin, she turned slightly and made eye contact with the stranger staring at her a couple rows back. They both embarrassingly looked away.

The rest of the plane ride was a blur for Tyler as he examined the back of her seat. She was beautiful; there was no doubt about that. Maybe he would accidentally bump into her as they left the plane. It was a small chance, but the only one he had.

Before he had time to formulate a plan, the plane was descending into the Burlingame-area airport. He watched her grab her bags and walk down the tiny airplane aisle to get off the plane. Disappointingly, he reached up to grab his own bulky carry-on and gave one last glance in her direction. Their eyes met. She was watching him as he nervously fumbled for his bag. She smiled and turned to walk away.

Weeks passed and Tyler didn’t have time to dwell on the girl from the airplane. Community college classes had started and he found himself immersed in syllabuses, textbooks and homework. There wasn’t a lot of time leftover to think about girls.

The second week of the semester, he entered Biology 101 and took a seat towards the back. This class was lecture-style and he usually found it difficult to stay awake and motivated. Better to sit in the back so he wouldn’t get called on by the professor.

As he watched the other students shuffle into the room, a girl caught his attention. She was moving up the aisle and before she took a seat, she tucked a strand of red hair behind her ear. It was the girl from the plane.

Before he had time to realize what he was doing, Tyler grabbed his cell phone and immediately ordered a fresh, artisan arrangement of flowers from the Burlingame florist app, BloomThat. He typed in a subtle, casual message to be handwritten on the card. After hitting send, he received a text message within minutes confirming his order and letting him know the fresh Burlingame flowers were on their way via a bike messenger.

Tyler sat back in his chair and smiled. This was the perfect way to introduce himself to the redhead. Now all he had to do was wait until the end of class when the Burlingame flower delivery would take place.

At the sound of the bell, Tyler stood in place and watched a few students scramble to exit. They almost bumped right into a flower delivery in Burlingame. The timing couldn’t have been better. Tyler watched the delivery guy walk up to the redheaded girl and present her with the stunning arrangement of flowers. The vibrant blooms were wrapped carefully in burlap and delicately tied with an orange ribbon. They were perfect.

She looked stunned. The flowers were beautiful, and she couldn’t figure out who would send them to her, or why. As she pulled the envelope with the note attached from the bouquet, Tyler began moving toward her down the aisle.

She read the words “look up. I’ve been dying to meet you.” Her eyes traveled up to meet the boy directly in front of her. She smiled and Tyler confidently introduced himself and invited her to grab some lunch. He wasn’t sure where this newfound courage came from, but he knew it had something to do with BloomThat. The Burlingame florist app for BloomThat was ingenious and had helped him creatively ask for a date.

They both smiled as they walked out of the classroom towards their first lunch date. The redheaded girl couldn’t stop fingering the charming arrangement of fresh-picked Burlingame flowers in her hands. Tyler couldn’t believe his good luck.


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