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Send impressive handcrafted blooms starting at just $38.

Beverly Hills flower delivery is simple with BloomThat, where fresh, beautiful and affordable arrangements are available on demand. We partner with a Beverly Hills florist to create a unique selection of flowers for all occasions. Flower delivery in Beverly Hills has never been easier. Couriers deliver blooms throughout the city within 90 minutes of submitting your order online. BloomThat is quite simply the easiest way to send fresh flowers to everyone you love!

BloomThat artists carefully choose the flower selection, providing a stunning array of fresh, seasonal plants and flowers. These delicate, handcrafted and versatile combinations are ideal for special occasion orders, or even just a random act of kindness. We wrap your bouquet in burlap, tie it together with coordinating ribbon and attach a custom handwritten card. You will love the neat, clean and distinctively artistic packaging, and we know that both senders and receivers will enjoy the eco-friendly enclosure.

Ordering flowers should be a relaxing experience for you. At BloomThat, we take the guesswork out of the process by simplifying the traditional method of flower ordering and delivery. Once you place your order, BloomThat sends text messages to keep you up to speed throughout the process. That way you will know exactly when we deliver your flowers to that special someone.

A BloomThat Story

She was going through her scrapbook when she turned the page to find the pressed rose petal. It was all that remained of her first love from high school. That seemed so long ago, she mused to herself. If only she knew then what she knew now. Here she was, 25 years later, married to a wonderful man she met in college. Their three beautiful children were all turning out handsomely.

Where had the time gone? It seemed like only yesterday she was getting ready for a date with the boy she believed she would marry. Instead, here she was getting ready for her high school reunion, struggling to remember the name of that boy. In fact, she did not even recall pressing the rose petal in her scrapbook.

Then she had a brilliant idea. She picked up her smartphone and began scrolling through her apps. There it was, exactly what she wanted. She scrolled through the selections, made her choice and clicked submit. She closed the scrapbook and decided that the only name worth remembering was that of her true love.

He glanced at the time. He needed to leave within the next hour if he wanted to avoid rush hour. He was not very excited about attending her high school reunion, but he would do just about anything for the love of his life. As he was logging off of his computer and gathering up work to finish at home later, the receptionist alerted him that a Beverly Hills flower delivery bike messenger had something for him. Great. Another pleading or deposition to slow him up was not what he needed tonight. He wondered what Beverly Hills florist would be delivering flowers to him at this late hour.

His wonder turned to confusion as he saw the bike messenger holding a single rose, neatly wrapped in burlap with an exquisitely labeled card hanging from it. The receptionist was gawking at the delivery, wondering why he never thought of sending something so classy as a single rose to someone special.

When he approached the messenger, he realized right away who sent the rose. He glowed with pride, left his work for another day and headed home to escort her to the reunion.

Flowers have signified love, care and concern for centuries. Traditionally men have given women bouquets, but it is now acceptable for women to send flowers to men. Regardless of who sends them, flowers are always the perfect gift idea. Arrangements in soft pastels make us feel snug, safe and loved. Likewise, nurturing designs are ideal for anyone who could benefit from a loving and caring embrace.

Flowers are a form of communication. They can convey apologies, congratulations, thanks, love and sympathy. The way we communicate special messages says a lot about who we are and how other perceive us. Compared to other kinds of gifts, flowers are seen as caring and emotional gifts from emotionally intelligent well-meaning people. For instance, we tend to perceive both women and men who give flowers as successful, happy, capable and courageous.

At BloomThat, flower delivery in Beverly Hills is done the simple way, and right away. In fact, our tastefully packaged burlap-wrapped bouquets arrive when and where you want them to in less than 90 minutes from the moment you submit an order. That is good news to those who are interested in enhancing your romantic relationships and friendships! Studies show that women who receive flowers respond with genuine smiles and report positive moods that last for days. The fact that flowers can activate positive emotional responses means that each bloom has the potential to make you smile and even sway the opinions of colleagues, friends and loved one. Now that is powerful!


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