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Gorgeous arrangements of flowers crafted by hand and starting at $38. Delivery anywhere in Berkeley. If only there was a Berkeley flower delivery service you could turn to for deals like these.

BloomThat has a constant stream of beautiful and fresh flower arrangements that are ready whenever you need them. We carefully curate stunningly designed arrangements and make flower delivery in Berkeley easy. We’ll get your arrangements delivered anywhere in the city within 90 minutes.

Taking beautiful blooms from your local Berkeley florist, BloomThat creates unique, beautiful seasonal arrangements of flowers that are ideal for anything from special occasions to just because. Our arrangements come in thoughtful packaging that includes custom handwritten tags and blooms that are tenderly enfolded in burlap. Not only are the flowers themselves pleasing to look at, but the packaging also presents its own distinct aesthetic appeal.

The process from order to delivery is simple. After BloomThat receives your order, we keep you up-to-date with text messages as we fulfill it. This means you know where your flowers are every step of the way, from pick up to delivery. We believe that ordering Berkeley flowers shouldn’t just be a beautiful experience for the receiver, but for the sender as well.

A BloomThat Story

The little boy, eyes fluttering with fatigue, lay exhausted in the hospital bed. His arm, snugly wrapped in a brightly decorated white cast, rested stiffly at his side. His mother, eyes and brows heavy with the events of the day, steadfastly watched her little boy, looking so small and fragile in the big bed, drift off to sleep. The Berkeley flowers surrounding them kept the overpowering hospital smell at bay, lulling even her mind toward the possibility of rest.

You don’t usually expect much to happen when you send your ten-year-old child off to school in the morning. Just like every other day, he had taken off down the street on his bike, excited to meet up with friends and enjoy another normal day. He hadn’t gone far when there was a nasty fall. Luckily, there wasn’t anything worse than a few bruises and his broken arm.

She was probably more panicked than he was as she drove him to the ER. He seemed calm and composed, hardly crying at all. In fact, when they finished with his X-rays and examinations, all he wanted to do was get back to school and show off his new cast to all of his classmates. That would have to wait a little longer, however, since now he needed some rest.

That was before the Berkeley florist arrived. The mother texted the head of the PTA about the incident soon after she reached the hospital. Maybe he would be back in school tomorrow, maybe not. Someone needed to know. The head of the PTA received the message, but did much more than merely pass it on. Word quickly spread among the parents and teachers about what had happened.

A bright orange Berkeley flower delivery bike ridden by a young lady and loaded down with bouquets of flowers arrived at the hospital. The lady carefully picked up as many as she could carry and bounced down the halls of the hospital, her eyes barely peaking over the tips of the blooms. The mother stood in amazement as the young florist started arranging dozens of bouquets around the boy’s room. The boy’s grin became bigger and bigger as the messenger continued to bring in round after round of stunning arrangements. It seemed to take only moments. The mother had never seen a delivery service work so fast.

Soon the room was awash with peach-colored roses, bright pink tulips, and fresh blooms in white. The arrangements sat carefully wrapped in burlap, paper, and zinc cans. A quick glance at the hand-written cards told the mother and her boy the whole story. Every card was written with words of encouragement, healing, and even silly notes from his fourth-grade class, teachers, and parents of friends.

There was hardly room for all of the flowers the Berkeley florist brought in. The sterile hospital smell was soon replaced with the fresh scent of blossoms and recently snipped stems. The view even brought wondrous smiles to the young faces of his classmates as they dropped by for a visit after school. By the time they were all done chatting and passing around the markers, his cast looked every bit as colorful as the flowers decorating his room.

Hours later, once everyone had gone home and the noise died down, the flowers appeared crisper and fresher in the dimming light. The floral forest seemed to instill strength in the mother as she steeled herself for the days of healing ahead. It would be a bumpy few weeks, but they would make it through.

Thanks to same-day flower delivery in Berkeley from BloomThat, what was seemingly a lonely and painful ordeal turned into something of beauty and bonding. There were no phone calls to make or hassles to handle. With just a few seconds in the BloomThat app, parents, teachers, and classmates were able to order flowers and have them delivered in under an hour and a half.

Life is full of the unexpected. Whether someone you love just had an accident, is suffering from an illness, or is celebrating a momentous occasion, having the option for quick flower delivery can make anyone’s day a little brighter. Bright seasonal blooms and handwritten messages go a long way toward creating a smile that helps to heal both body and spirit.


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